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Wolfgang's literary agent is Andrew Gordon at David Higham Associates



Wild started Retronaut in January 2010, sharing daily archival images that show "the past like you wouldn't believe".

As Wild has described, during his time working in museums and archives:

"there were some objects and pictures I saw that for me had an enormous and seemingly untapped power – a power to disrupt our sense of time, to dissolve the barrier between present and past. I figured that if I could harness that power, I might be able to build something akin to a time-machine. Hence Retronaut."

In its article on Retronaut, Fast Company wrote:

"the images on Retronaut are chosen to make the viewer feel like they’re looking not at the past, but rather at a different version of the present"

In August 2014, Mashable announced that Wild had joined Mashable's editorial team and that from September 2014, Mashable would be the exclusive home of the Retronaut brand of historical photo curation. 

In August 2015, Retronaut was announced as a finalist in the 2015 Online Journalism Awards.




Wild has been a speaker at:




In 2011, Wild set up the Museumpreneurs project and website with Shire Books, to showcase and encourage entrepreneurial activity in the museum sector.

The project set out its mission statement:

“We want to explore what it means for a museum to be entrepreneurial, we want to showcase museums already being entrepreneurial, and we want to help more museums be more entrepreneurial more of the time”

In his 2011 keynote speech to the Museums Association conference, Ed Vaizey MP, and Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries talked about the project:

"Look at the Museumpreneurs website. Many businesses and many retailers would jump at the chance to work with museums in this way. I was delighted to find their mission statement. For better or worse, that sums up my approach pretty well." 



Culture 24

In October 2015, Wild became a board member of British arts and heritage charity Culture 24.




"Faith in You", Wild's remix of British Art rock band No-Man's song "You Grow More Beautiful", was released on the Flowermix album under the name The Prophets of Bliss. Wild had previously appeared in the video for No-Man's "Colours" single (One Little Indian) in 1990.

In 1993, Steven Wilson remixed Wild's track "Dub Zero". The remix was released in 2004 on Wilson's "Unreleased Electronic Music Vol. 1".

In 1994, Wild played guitar in the band Music by Numbers with Peter Chilvers. He would later provide vocals for the band Aimless Mules, alongside Michael Bearpark (guitar) and Andrew Booker (drums).

In 2001, Wild co-wrote and recorded three songs with Bruce Woolley, co-writer of "Video Killed the Radio Star" and "Slave to the Rhythm".




Wild is married to Professor Annie Sutherland, Fellow of Somerville College, Oxford. They have two children: Ruby (b. 2005) and Zebedee (b. 2008) and live near Woodstock, Oxfordshire.

(*Wild changed his name to "Wolfgang Wild" by deed poll in August 2015. Yeah, we know - Ed.)



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