1936-1939: Posters from the Spanish Civil War

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  1. Anatole

    Great collection… I’d just quibble with the ‘atrocities on both sides’ argument. The Republicans and fascists were fighting for very different things. The Republicans killed priests and landowners, who were usually one and the same. The fascists killed workers and peasants – poor people. Given it was a fascist uprising against a democratically-elected government, the left was acting in self-defence.

  2. Oscar Charles

    And not a single poster from the FAI or CNT, the CNT being the largest union in Spain at the time, and instrumental in a defense of the Spanish Republic after the fascist coup? Really?

  3. Avatar of Ruby

    You’re mistaken. See above, “Al Front” (man with helmet), “Compañeros” (foods), “Sindicato” (buses and streetcars), “Mañana el mundo, hoy España, and the nude man smashing a fascist serpent with a hammer. In fact there are lots of CNT and FAI posters.

    I’ve added a couple more today, for good measure.

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