“Sometimes we would cover it from Angel’s Peak, take pictures of the mushroom cloud. Sometimes we’d take dancers up to the top of the peak. I’d have one girl, Sally McCloskey, we did a little series that was called Angel’s Dance. And she was a ballet dancer, not a showgirl, and she did an interpretive dance to the mushroom cloud as it came up and we shot a series of pictures and sent it out on the wire and they called it Angel’s Dance. We just did anything we could to make the picture a little bit different because the newspapers would run the mushroom cloud pictures, but they were always hungry for anything that had any kind of a different approach.”

Interview with
Donald E. English

Nevada Test Site Oral History Project
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Photo 1 courtesy of National Nuclear Security Administration / Nevada Site Office

Showgirl Atom Bomb 1 Showgirl Atom Bomb 2 Showgirl Atom Bomb 4

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