1936-1939: Life On Other Planets

“Frank Rudolph Paul (1884 – 1963) was an illustrator of US science fiction pulp magazines in the  field. He was influential in defining what both cover art and interior illustrations in the nascent science fiction pulps of the 1920s looked like.”

- Wikipedia

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  1. Sandy

    LOVE “Life On Other Planets” artwork! Just one problem: these can’t be from the 1920s, because Pluto is included. Pluto wasn’t discovered until 1930.

  2. Bobber

    Why is “Life on Uranus” the only one showing something coming out of a hole? It’s just plain disturbing.

  3. RWills

    Back when that awful pop-psych drivel “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” like an outbreak of genital herpes. My wife and I came up with a little skit whenever some dolt would bombast that crap.
    Myself : “No you are wrong! Women are from Luna, Men are from Uranus.”
    My Wife: “Well, Women may be Lunatics a few days a month but Men are Assholes everyday!”


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