1686: King James II armour

King James II Armour 1 King James II Armour 2
The armour is known from the record of its price, £100, to have been made by Richard Holden and delivered on 14 December 1686. It is the only finely decorated royal armour ever known to have been made by a member of the London Armourers Company, and the last.

It is an harquebusier’s armour comprising a pot, breastplate, backplate and long elbow gauntlet, essentially the same as the ordinary munition armours made for the contemporary cavalry, but of rather finer quality. Like the ordinary munition armours the cuirass bears the proof marks that attest that it is bullet proof. The whole armour is decorated with punched, engraved and originally gilt bands of trophies. The faceguard is fretted and decorated with the initials IR for Iacobus Rex and with the Royal Arms and their supporters, the lion and the unicorn. The central band on the breastplate has at the top IR separated by a crown and surmounted by a figure 2, with crossed sceptres below.

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