1945: General Motors reception

General Motors Reception 1

General Motors Technical Center, Warren, Michigan, 1945; 1946-56. Design Center interior with stair in background.

General Motors Reception 5 General Motors Reception 4 General Motors Reception 3 General Motors Reception 2

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    • K. Aidekman

      GM styling then was all about the future. The design expresses that philosophy.

    • Bobby Pittman

      With a 1957 Rambler and Chevy outside the window, it’s 1956 at the earliest. If the design was already at least elven years old, very impressive!

  1. Charles A Cornell

    These photos were taken after 1954 when the GM Technical Center in Warren Michigan was built. Several cars in the parking lot are later models, not 1945 vintage. These pictures are the lobby of the GM Design Center office building. The stairs are still there. The half-sphere reception desk is not.
    - Charles, works at GM Tech Center ( but not this building)

    • crankyd

      Charles, thanks for clarifying the dates. My father worked at the Tech Center for almost 30 years, retiring as a Senior Modeler. I have some great memories of being able to go on family tours as a kid and it was way more fun than the thought of going to Disneyland.
      In case some of you don’t know, the entire Tech Center campus was designed by famed architect Eero Saarinen. This was easily the very finest of architectural vision of it’s time.

  2. Gerry Millet

    It is hard to see this as a 1945 photo series when there are fifties era Chevys sitting out front.

  3. Randall Rose

    These GM pics were actually taken with the woman at the reception desk sometime
    in the early to mid 1950s. You tell buy the cars in the background.


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