1965: Leonard Bernstein and daughter at a Beatles concert

Leonard Bernstein Beatles Ken Regan

“When The Beatles returned to America in August, 1965, for their second tour and played the Sullivan show again, I got one of my favorites. Walking the aisles, one audience member caught my eye: an older man sitting with his fingers plugged in his ears to mute the high-pitched squeals. As I moved in for this terrific shot, I got a closer look and realized I was photographing the legendary composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein.”

- Ken Regan

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  1. Spyder M

    While it’s an amusing photo, I’m betting it has more to do with the fact the Bernstein knew how to cancel out noise to hear the music, rather than the implication that he and his daughter didn’t like what they heard. Try it sometime at a concert. You’ll hear the music without the distortion, but unfortunately you’ll look like a dork.


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