1941: Trams in occupied Warsaw bearing a star

Ghetto Warschau, Ghettopolizist, StraßenbahnGhetto Warschau, Ghettopolizist, Straßenbahn

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  1. qweasd

    Oh, I can see “odmani”, jewish policemen. Diaspora tries to sell lies that “odmani” were in fact ethnic Poles, but the fact is, jews did collaborate with Germans.

  2. BeckySharp

    True, there were a few Jews who carried out German orders in a futile effort to save their own lives and/or the lives of their families. It didn’t work. They were eventually killed anyway.

  3. thelonegunman

    thank you – to see warsaw before the razing by the nazis is always a welcome site…

  4. Alistair

    Arendt had it right didn’t she? About the banality of evil? The everyday precursors to genocide.


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