c. 1930s: Heathrow before the Airport

Demolition of Heathrow Hall, 1944

Heathrow Hall, 1935

Of the farms, Perry Oaks Farm (above) is an Elizabethan farmhouse, while The Hall is an 18th century farmhouse with sheep, pigs and cattle and many old barns.

The Old Magpies, 1935

There are three pubs – “The Three Magpies” and “The Old Magpie”, together with the more recent – that is, 19th century – “Plough and Farrow” (above).

“As rural as anywhere in England. There is a calmness and serenity about it that is soothing in a mad rushing world”. This is how the tiny hamlet of Heathrow, at the edge of a heath and bordered by fields, was described by Gordon Maxwell in “Highwayman’s Heath” published in 1935.

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