Late 1960s: Pan-Am Mock-up of Economy Class Seating on a 747

Economy Class seating on a Pan Am 747 in the late 1960's

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  1. Gregg

    Chris is right, in the 50s and 60s, Pan Am and others depicted (and delivered, even if not quite these) pretty luxurious accommodations, almost (?) laughable today. My first two jet rides, United DC-8 in 1962 cross-country, and Pan Am 707 cross-Pacific in 1964 were glorious compared to the sardine can arrangements of today, and lived up to the hype in the service and comfort provided. Trvel was a different world then. I was just a kid so anything was fun (including a 30+ hour trans-pacific flight in back-facing paratroop jump seats a military DC-6) , but my parents didn’t recall any complaints except for length of flight. A flight later–in 1984–as adults, a five hour ride on a 747 was great – even in econo class.


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