1907-1919: Amateur Autochromes by John B. Trevor

Automobile on road, France, ca. 1907

Frenchman’s Bay, Maine, ca. 1908-1912

Emily Winthrop, ca. 1910

Caroline Trevor, (the photographer’s wife), ca. 1910

John B. Trevor and Bronson Trevor, ca. 1912

Unidentified family friend (possibly Teresa Fabbri), ca. 1914

Mrs. John B. Trevor, ca. 1914

John B Trevor, Jr, age 6, 1915

Mrs. Lucius K. Wilmerding, c. 1916

Caroline Trevor, (wife of photographer at Trevor residence, 11 E. 91st Street), ca. 1919

“John Bond Trevor Sr. (1878–1956) was an American lawyer and a prominent New York socialite. Trevor belonged to the circle of Madison Grant. He married Caroline Murray Wilmerding in 1908 and had two sons.”

- Wikipedia

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