1955: Marilyn Monroe captured on film by a 15-year-old

“The film from which these stills were taken was shot by Peter Mangone, aged 15.  Marilyn Monroe, aged 29 had just divorced Joe DiMaggio and was living at the Gladstone Hotel.  Peter had been skipping classes to stake out the star and take photographs.  On this day, Marilyn recognized her young fan and beckoned for him to follow.  For the next few hours Peter accompanied Marilyn, the photographer Milton Greene, and the designer George Nardiello, turning the camera on and off throughout the afternoon.  

“Three years later when he was 18, Mangone remembers throwing out the film along other things he was “too mature” to hold onto.  

“In 2002, his brother called him up to tell him he had found the Monroe film while cleaning out his father’s possessions.”  

- Danziger Gallery


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