1939-1945: War-time Street Posters

War Savings posters on the sandbagged statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus, London, 1941 (© IWM (D 5597))

War Savings posters around the base of Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square, 1941 (© IWM (D 5598))

Ministry of Information posters on display in a British street during 1942 (© IWM (D 12029))

Children and posters advertising the War Savings Scheme, Canterbury, 1941 (© IWM (D 5022))

Dig for Victory poster on the Royal Exchange building, London, 1940 (© IWM (D 1494))

Dig For Victory and Buy War Bonds posters on Marble Arch, London, 1940 (© IWM (D 1497))

Posters on the High Street in Coventry, with the tower of the bombed-out cathedral prominent, 1944 (© IWM (D 18092))

Long posters encouraging war work, 1941(© IWM (D 3193))

A National War Savings poster on the West Gate in Canterbury, 1941 (© IWM (D 5017))

A VD poster in Westminster, London, 1943 (© IWM (D 13825))

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