Ferrari Modulo

“The Ferrari Modulo concept car was designed by Pininfarina. It was originally shown at the Geneva Motor Show in black and repainted white and displayed at the 1970 Turin Motor Show and the 1970 Osaka World Fair. It amazed the public at the time and it earned 22 international design awards.”

Lotus Esprit


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  1. Flight

    So why didn’t they mass-produce it?? It could’ve been a huge seller, even TODAY!

  2. B Smith

    Dead right, Flight – the one big problem with those concept cars was that they were never put into production. Intersting innovative mainstream car design stalled and sputtered to a halt in the mid/late 70s….they’re all so generic now that you can’t tell one make from another.

  3. spongara

    Super cool! The background architecture is located in Mexico City, the building by Felix Candela and it’s called “Palacio de los Deportes”

  4. k8 Johnson

    Nah, there are still some cool concept cars today that I love…but the ones that make the news are round egg-shaped monstrosities that turn 360degrees to enable parking…


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