April 23rd 1972: Family on the moon

“On April 23, 1972, Apollo 16 astronauts Charlie Duke and John Young embarked on the third and final EVA of the mission, exploring the Descartes Highlands via Lunar Roving Vehicle. During the EVA, before setting up a Solar Wind Collector, Duke placed a small family photo he had brought along onto the lunar surface and snapped a few photos of it with his Hasselblad film camera.

“This is one of the photos. The portrait shows Charlie, his wife Dorothy, and their two sons Charles and Thomas. It looks like they are sitting on a bench in the summertime. The family photo, gingerly wrapped in clear plastic and slightly crumpled from being stashed in the pocket of a space suit, was left on the Moon. It presumably still sits there today, just inches away from Charlie’s boot print — which, presumably, is also there.”

- Universe Today

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    • mididoctors

      my guess

      temp range +107 degress C day to -153 at night …going to deform and crack up and degrade as you say

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    A number of personal items that were carried in the the astronauts PPK’s (personal preference kits) were left. Alan Bean, the rookie LMP for Apollo 12 left his silver astronaut pin (they qualified for a gold one when they flew). Alan Shepherd left his golf balls.
    A relatively low key, but significant, item was a small statue called “The Fallen Astronaut” left by Apollo 15, with plaque commemorating American and Russian astronauts who had died previously. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fallen_Astronaut

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