Beowulf is a fictional character of the swords and sorcery genre published by DC Comics. The character debuted in Beowulf: Dragon Slayer #1 (May 1975), and was created by Michael Uslan and Ricardo Villamonte. The character is based on the Anglo-Saxon mythic hero Beowulf, first depicted in the Nowell Codex.

Beowulf01 Beowulf03 Beowulf04 Beowulf05 Beowulf06 Beowulf09 Beowulf10 Beowulf11 Beowulf12 Beowulf15 Beowulf16 Beowulf21 Beowulf22 Beowulf25 Beowulf26 Beowulf27 Beowulf28 Beowulf31 Beowulf32 Beowulf33


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