1971: Zenithcolor TVs

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  1. rs

    My mother got one of these in the mid ’70s. It’s a little more sophisticated than the models you show here, but not much.

    I inherited it when she passed away in 2000. It’s my every day TV, and it still works perfectly. There is a certain pleasure to using something that old. It makes me feel that I’m “sticking it” to modern consumerism.

    The only downside is that it doesn’t have a remote of its own. You can turn it on and switch channels from the cable remote, but you can’t change the volume.

  2. criticalmass

    I don’t know what made me go blind faster. The onscreen examples or the “living room” backgrounds….

  3. Avatar of Ruby

    I first saw a color TV at my grandparents’ house when I was 8 years old (1968). It blew my mind! It looked a lot like the huge cabinet example, second from the bottom, and even had a remote control. We were watching the Mexico City Olympics.

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  4. Brian Gonigal

    Ah, the 1970′s, when apparently people believed that everything from consumer electronics to station wagons had to look like it was made out of wood for some reason. Particularly strange when the only thing dumber looking than fake wood grain is a tv encased in real wood. (Because those old CRTs weren’t already bulky & heavy enough, let’s add *another* 40 pounds of material to it for no damm reason!)


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