1950s-1970s: Rotor rides

Coney Island

Dreamland, Margate c. 1980 (Picture - Handyman)

Sources: Urban 75; Cincinatti Views

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    • baby gerald

      it’s called centrifugal force. the outer wall that people have their backs against is spinning around the center. As the rotational speed increases, they drop the floor out from under you. It’s a load of fun, but not good if you’d just eaten, as my little brother once demonstrated many years ago.

      • Chris

        I get that, but does one enter the ride doing a handstand, or can you somehow shift yourself during?

        I’m just amazed that they were able to do it is all.

  1. Bicycle Bill

    You enter the ride and stand against the circular wall.  As the huge barrel starts spinning up to speed, you do a handstand and invert yourself.  Centrifugal force then holds you up against the wall when the floor drops away.  When the ride is ending the floor will come back up again; you just reverse the process, regain your feet, and walk out.

  2. Tom

    They still have an old fashioned rotor at Luna Park in Sydney.
    You just have to get your timing right depending on your strength – once it’s really whizzing around it’s quite hard to move. And can be a bit painful as the sides are hard!

  3. JoeB

    I was on one as a kid and the guy across the way from me got nauseous… turned his head to the side, and vomited… on the girl next to him.
    He was clean. I felt bad for the girl– and the rotor operator, although with a ride like that it’s probably a daily occurrence.


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