c. 1980: Rejected Saul Bass sketches for The Shining poster with Kubrick’s notes

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  1. Jon Fritch

    Good for Bass for trying so hard with the stippling letters. The Shining could have used a title sequence like in North by Northwest. This is a great look into a process I have always wondered about. What they ended up with is so simple, but probably more effective than what Bass provided. Yeah, the best part of this was his fishy signature at the end. I wonder if Kubrick would have approved of the logo for Artificial Intelligence and what that process would have been like had he been alive to see it go into production.

  2. sorbethead

    i’m inclined to think that kubrick should have just let saul bass do whatever he wanted to… bass was no schlub… and most of these sketches beat the poster they finally came up with.


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