c. 1910-1916: Electrical baths

“The Schnee Four Cell Bath was used for treating rheumatism and painful joints, with a bath for each limb. Each bath had its own current. There was no danger of electric shock as the porcelain tubs were not connected to water pipes and were well insulated from earthing. It also allowed the person to be treated without undressing, speeding up treatment times and proving much more comfortable and convenient than a full body bath.”

- Sacred Medical Order Church of Hope

Sources: Wellcome Images / Window on Warwickshire / Frog Blog

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  1. Mia

    I think this is called a galvanic bath. Sometimes the whole body was immersed, but these pics show four cell galvanic baths just affecting the limbs. The water is heated to 34 C and a gentle electric current is passed through the body – my understanding is that the current flows in the water, no electrodes attached to person.


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