1971-1977: Documerica, Polluted America

For the Documerica Project (1971-1977), the newly created Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hired freelance photographers to capture images relating to environmental problems, EPA activities, and everyday life in the 1970s.

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  1. Matt Melchert

    LOL….so why do you own a car? Why did you EVER buy a plane ticket? Why do you own whiteware? Why do you own a computer? Why do you heat your home in winter? Why do you use electric lights? Why do you use a cellphone? Why do you buy products with plastic packaging? Why do you buy cheap stuff made in Asia at all?

    So change your lifestyle. Or else just SHUT UP.

  2. Michael

    We’ve come such a long way in understanding our connection (our place) in this world, but have such a long, long way to go………

  3. Scrivener666

    The cooling towers in the first and several other pictures may look spectacular but all they’re giving off is water vapour.
    Having said that, there is also some shocking stuff.

  4. Avatar of alan_bickerstaff

    If you liked these, I would recommend watching “Koyaanisqatsi” – a non-narrative film by Godfrey Reggio (music by Philip Glass) that was filmed at about the same time as these photos were taken.

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