1941: Bomb damage to 23 Queen Victoria Street during the Blitz

“The Salvation Army International Headquarters stood on Queen Victoria Street. It was photographed as its facade fell to the ground. The night raid of 10 May 1941 was the most severe attack London had sustained throughout the Blitz.

Countless documents were lost in the bombing of these headquarters, but some charred and water-stained records were rescued. These included the personal files of army officers, and the founder William Booth’s diaries and correspondence.

Police Constables Arthur Cross and Fred Tibbs took this photograph after the area had been given the ‘all clear’ and it was reasonably safe to approach.”

- 20th Century London

(c) City of London Police

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  1. Vicky Norton

    I just found this picture in a pamphlet called “London For U.S. Armed Forces in U.K.” amongst old family photos I snuck out of my 94-year-old aunt’s house. Knew I’d seen it recently online, and here it is. Synchronicity, my friend. Or something.


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