“During the 1920s, the British firm Parker-Holladay created a fictional character named Bill Jones. Mr. Jones’ dispensed his friendly advice to British clerical workers through colorful lithographic posters emblazoned with his get-right-to-the-point maxims. The firm exported Bill Jones to the United States and Canada where he urged employees to develop the pluck and can-do attitude that develops success.”

- The Art of Manliness

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  1. Brian Gonigal

    Oh boy, here we go with another series of outdated, naive, hopelessly retrograde and unfortunate-in-hindsight bits of advice from a time before we really understood…,

    Oh wait, this is all really terrific, practical, common sense advice clearly & persuasively explained in a way anyone can understand. Ninety years of “How to succeed in business” books & courses and we really haven’t come up with anything better.


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