1919: Flying through the Arc de Triomphe

“Charles Godefroy (1888–1958) was a French aviator who became famous by his spectacular flight passing through the Arc de Triomphe in Paris in 1919.For the victory parade on 14 July 1919, military command ordered airmen to participate on foot. A group of aviators decided to address this by flying through the Arc de Triomphe during the parade. The choice fell on Jean Navarre. However, Navarre was killed in a practice flight on 10 July.  

“On 7 August 1919, three weeks after the victory parade, Charles Godefroy flew through the Arc. He also flew low level over a tram in which passengers threw themselves to the ground, and many passers-by ran away frightened.  The journalist Jacques Mortane had the whole event filmed and photographed. The film screening was banned by the Commissioner of Police. After this exploit, Godefroy had to promise his family to give up flying.” 

- Wikipedia

Images 2 via Old Magazine Articles

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