1960: The First Full Face Motor Racing Helmet

Dan Gurney, 1960

‘Dan worked with Bell Helmets in California where he helped to develop the first full face helmet. He had seen motorcycle racers wear similar ones at Ascot Raceway in California. Dan wore the first full face helmet at Indianapolis in 1968 and then also introduced it to Formula I racing at the British and German Grand Prix in 1968.’

- Evi Gurney, via The Chicane

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  1. Gasser

    I’m 71 and remember these prototype helmets with a leather face shield to keep the tire roosted rocks from knocking teeth out, I still race off road and todays helmets are made of light weight carbon fiber and are air vented with removable washable liners treated with a nano compound that resist bacterial growth, plus quick release straps, rear high speed spoilers to keep the helmet from being sucked up and pulled back into your face, also having a built in hand air pump that expands the helmet liner to fit your head and face for a snug fit…todays motorcycles are getting quicker and faster as high tech companies race along to keep pace with safety margins.


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