c.1910: Suffrage Postcards

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  1. Viktoria

    The force feeding pic is way too nasty. That was the dawn of the 20th century, and portrait a torture from Inquisition and Witch hunts times, is not funny at all. Wonder what our ancestors were thinking!

    • Maggie

      Viktoria, when suffragists were arrested, they would often go on hunger strikes to make a point. Several women became quite ill and the police were blamed for not letting them go so they could eat. So, as a result, when the arrested women refused to eat nasty jail food, they would be forcefed. Of course, it was as much a form of torture as anything else.

  2. David

    That picture about how every boy listens to his mother is beautiful and eloquent. A lot of the anti-suffragist ads meanwhile, seem to basically be highschool level insults, calling suffragists fat and plain. It’s sad that sexism was so strong back then


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