1970s: Product Capsule: Evel Knievel Ad

Available in the Retronaut Shop: Evel Knievel Ad Print - £17.95

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  1. HardcorePrawn

    As a kid I had one of the Stunt Cycle sets. I’d wind it up, let it go, and… it would fall over onto its side with the rear wheel spinning uselessly. Every single time!
    One of the most disappointing toys I owned!

  2. Tut

    Oh man, I had so much fun with my Stunt Cycle. In fact, I went through 2 of them. Still wish I had the Canyon Sky Cycle and the Gremlin funnycar looking thing. And everything!

  3. Aristocrat

    I remember having the stunt bike and the “Sky Cycle”. Still gotta laugh at the “Swagger Stick” that came with the figure. I guess the toy company couldn’t include a baseball bat after all. ;)


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