1914: Paris in Colour

Via Visual History

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      History buff – thank you for your note. As you may have seen, wherever there is a source for material, we provide it, and we are very glad to do so. This is why we now give a dedicated “Source” field in every capsule. Unfortunately, some of the material we find online or are sent has become orphaned from its source, and we are unable to provide it.

      In the case of the Paris in Colour capsule, the images were indeed published on the Live Internet site you refer to. However, the Live Internet publisher drew them from the Visual History site – you will notice a “Source” link at the bottom of the Live Internet page which connects to the Visual History site. We therefore linked to the Visual History site – we gave this link as “Via” rather than the Source because the images are drawn from the Albert Khan Archive, based at the Musée Albert-Kahn, and this is the source we linked to as “Source” in the Capsule.


    • Red Cardinal

      “I’m getting a little tired of people criticising this website of “borrowing” pictures from other websites…”

      Only joking but you might want to check your correct before criticising in future…

      Can you say oops? I think you can. :-)


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