1917: Life-saving Bible

“Devout Christian Kurt Geiler never went anywhere without his Bible – and that faith paid off in 1917 when the precious leather-bound book saved his life.

“Geiler’s grandson Markus Geiler said it had also been treated as a ‘family anti-war memorial’. “I can remember my father leading me to his bookcase, opening it and taking out the Bible which was wrapped in thick paper,” he recalled. He said: ‘Look, this is what saved your grandfather’s life.’ It was always something very special when this book was unpacked.”

- Europeana 1914-1918

Submitted by: Neil Bates

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  1. Jack

    How did it save his life if it was underneath his head? Did the bomb explode beneath him? How could that happen in a dugout?

    • MairzyDoats

      I was wondering the same thing. Something about this story doesn’t ring true.


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