1959: Fidel Castro in New York

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    • Mike

      And the fact he and his brother have been in power this long tells us something about the kind of “leader” he is.
      Shame on you for ignoring that.

      • Avatar of heenan73

        Didn’t quite see the relevance, or I would have. Still don’t.

        And they have a lower neonatal death death rate than the US (shame on you etc. etc)

        And a better 5 year-old literacy rate. And a lower murder rate. And MUCH less of a drug problem …. not bad for a country kept on the poverty line for 50 years!

        Maybe if they had a better economy, they could afford a better democracy? It’s already better than Florida … but hey, where isn’t?

        We could go on forever; but it’s all – like your comment – irrelevant. What value ‘democracy’ if you use it to bully your neighbours?

        While sending *billions* to Israel each year to bully *their* neighbours. A pattern emerging here?

      • Mike

        One definite pattern emerging here is the long line of straw man arguments you’re using to make your case.

        It’s good that Cuba has made the progress it has made under difficult (to say the least) circumstances. It’s bad for the US getting involved in the affairs of other countries in such a heavy-handed manner. No argument here on those topics. But even a prison with some of the better than average conditions you listed is still a prison.

        Want to see real oppression? Look no further than the citizens of Cuba, who were promised a return to the constitution of 1940 during the revolution of 1959, a constitution that gives Cuba the right to vote for its leaders among other progressive ideals. And hopefully, if it is ever reinstated, it will be strong enough to keep thugs like Batista and the Castro Brothers from ever seizing power again.

        Cuba for the Cubans. Not a special few. And not other countries.

      • Avatar of heenan73

        “Especially not America” – But I totally agree, Cuba for the Cubans … if America lets them.

        And hey, don’t accuse me of straw men .. I was merely following your logic!

        But my point is made; I’ll leave you to read some Cuban history. And a final tip – NOT written by an American, or a Cuban, or a Cuban expat.

        NTMU; Keep well, ‘Bye

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