1940: Churchill with a “tommy gun”

“The photograph of Winston Churchill with the Thompson submachine gun was taken during his visit to the coastal defense positions near Hartlepool on 31 July, 1940.  Both sides of the war tried to use this picture for propaganda purposes. The British edited out two soldiers standing next to Churchill, making him look statesmanlike, determined and menacing. On the other hand, the Germans compared it to those of the gangsters of the American West. The Nazis used this photo in their propaganda leaflets airdropped onto Britain during the Battle of Britain.”

- Iconic Photos

Leaflet source: Peter Harrington

3 Responses

  1. Viktoria

    Germans talking about the Hague convention…nazis! Cynicism knows no boundaries for man.

  2. tontonremi

    “Churchill with a “tommy gun””
    ça ne vaut très certainement pas l’AK 47
    qui elle a fait, fait et fera encore longtemps ses preuves


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