1966: To Hell With the Beatles

Sources: 8 Bit Library / A Girl a Planet

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  1. Mr Grimsby


    Well… considering that the two Beatles in the picture are the two still alive…

    … and considering the high to near-certain likelihood of the non-existence of an actual Hell (in the Biblical sense)…

    … I’d have to say the answer to your question is a resounding “no”.

  2. Michelle

    I believe she means it to be prophetic in the sense that it was Paul who broke up the Beatles (contrary to popular thought and Yoko-theories), and Ringo remains to be the one who seems to have loved his band the most.

  3. Ray

    @Michelle – Paul didn’t break up the Beatles. He was the one most responsible for keeping them together for so long, even though three of them (Ringo excluded) were already working alone on different projects. Secondly, John’s symbiotic relationship with Yoko Ono and his refusal to be apart from her even while recording, put a severe strain on the band – moatly because she couldn’t seem to shut up for five minutes and John lapped up everything she said. George was growing ever more frustrated at being what he perceived as second fiddle to Paul and John, and there some critical money problems, made worse by John’s insistence on employing Alan Klein.

  4. michelle

    if all those that burned there lps and stuff only know how much money they would of had today.. wow dummies ..
    and as for as who really broke the Beatles up.. it really doesn’t matter .. now.. does it..it happened .. it was a part of history.. and the only to that live still today are Paul and Ringo.and still play to sold out vinues.
    I am a collector of Beatle and monkees items.. and i do collect other oldies 45s.. and lps. ..i think the beatles was the most pop band of its time .. and to me its not who did this or that .. to split them up.. its is how much is this or that

  5. Sandi Waters

    Well, all of these are great comments and I appreciate them one and all. Now, that being said, as I consider myself to be one of the biggest Beatles fans alive, I must agree with Ray about the break up and who caused it and to Michelle I must say it does make a difference to me and all the other multitude of fans out there – we’re just like that. Anyway, I also have some old original Beatles stuff I have collected from the 60′s – don’t know if you would be interested. Anyway, I do remember this incident. John said they were more popular than Jesus.

  6. flint2

    John never said they were bigger than Jesus. He said they could draw a bigger crowd. More a comment on humanity than a religious values statement. They didn’t get it.


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