1970s: The Nipple Bra

The Nipple Bra

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    • Moogie

      Interesting how times have changed. Nowadays bras have morphed into concealing nipples to extremes. Not only that, but the padding and material, the manner in which they are made are to protect from nipples and areola’s being seen through the bra’s and blouses. You know, there was a time a beautiful woman would be walking towards you, sun behind her and you could make out the nipples from an x-ray like effectfrom the sun and shadows. Great times! Now? Prfft. Helmet bras is what I call them. No fun in that. So prudish.

  1. eydie

    i grew up in the 70′s and i do not remember this at all. my mom would have had kittens if i’d turned up in such a thing, lol.

  2. chickenmusic

    As worn by Carly Simon on the cover of “No Secrets”, if memory serves.

  3. Bicycle Bill

    Having been a horny 18-25 year old during the 1970s, let me assure you that this is not a spoof but is most definitely on the level!

  4. Pat Mahiney

    I didn’t need that bra in the 70′s. Mine were just as pert and all natural. Damn you gravity and aging.

  5. RM

    Reminds me of Jennifer Aniston on old Friends episodes – oh wait, hers are real.


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