“It was March 28, 1977, the first Saturday after the “Star Wars” Wednesday opening. The Coronet was the only theater for 50 miles playing the space opera, but it seated more than 1,300 … most of whom appear to be in this line”

- Peter Hartlaub, The Chronicle

Images by Gary Fong / The Chronicle

Source: The Chronicle

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  1. Uncle Bob

    this was the best movie house in S.F.

    I wasn’t in the first day queue, but I rode past it more than once that day and evening in the family car, I didnt see it for a least a month after the opening since none of us had seen such crazy lines for a film.

    My8th grade school was across the street at that time discovered what the rest of the Richmond knew that behind the coronet was a secluded get high/make out area invisible from the street which had a legendary amount of old school marker graffiti/ when they tore that down, it was like razing an archaeological dig site

  2. Roberto Williams

    That date for these photos is written incorrectly on the description. It must be MAY 28th (not March), seeing as the film opened on May 25th.

  3. Aristocrat

    Give me a TARDIS and a Jar Jar Binks costume, and I’ll help disperse that crowd quickly enough by sheer demoralization. LOL!

    “Theesa dah futures of Star Wars! Meesa gonna be beeg time important to story. Hee hee hah hah hah!”

  4. Steven Strauss

    The picture had been open four days when I saw it. I was admitted in time to allow me to snag the front row center spot, which, with the Coronet’s curved screen, offered a surprisingly good vantage point.

    I cried a lot when the fates finally shuttered the Coronet. It was the best place in San Francisco to see a big, gorgeous movie once the Northpoint in Fisherman’s Wharf fell down. I remember when projectionists had a union, for crying out loud.


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