1937: Pioneers defense drill, Leningrad

Image by Viktor Bulla

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  1. igor

    The picture is not from russia. It is from Japan. Your editorial department is illiterate.

  2. Avatar of mcravener

    I kind of doubt this is Japan. First the vegetation with birches (Betula pendula) appears to be western European. Second if this was Japan and supposed to be the Izu Islands and they are wearing gasmasks against sulphuric volcanic gases, why is there a model machine gun to the bottom left. I’m no uniform expert, so someone can maybe fill in, but aren’t those Soviet pioneer uniforms on the children and Soviet soldier uniforms on the adults? Also the use of all the flags seem to have a socialist flavor.

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  3. Bruce

    I agree with mcravener, The machine gun (or model of one) is a Maxim 1910 (the shield is wrong). That version was very popular with the Russians/Soviets through both wars. Also the presence of of the snare drummer up front sure adds to the “pioneer” feel.


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