1950s: Marilyn Monroe vs. Mamie Van Doren

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  1. Leslie

    I’ve got to assume those waist sizes are with girdles on! I’m pretty much the same height and weight as Marilyn and all my measurements are pretty close except (unfortunately) my waist is not that tiny.

    Anyway, if these stats are true, it put paid to the rumor that Marilyn was really a big girl. She was like a size 10 or 12, but that’s in vintage sizes, which were very different.

  2. Random Devotchka

    Marilyn Won! : )
    Marilyn’s weight changed- some would say dramatically- during her life. I do know she weighed her highest for her most sucessfull film “Some Like it Hot.”
    Anyone else wish they would have chosen a better picture of Ms. Monroe? : )

  3. stevieod

    Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean) was what a real woman looked like as far as men were concerned…Mamie Van Doren was OK, but back then men liked to have some flesh on their women…now it’s the starved waif look that men want…sorta like a 12 year old girl…the ‘Lolita’ look…*sigh*…Sophia Loren and other women such as Sophia are no longer the ‘look’…too bad…

  4. Arch

    This is kind of like the “tale of the tape” list of measurements they show before big boxing matches. Another similarity to boxing: Both are knockouts!

  5. Keith

    Marilyn Monroe was heavier in SOME LIKE IT HOT because she was several months pregnant. She had a miscarriage after the filming was finished.

  6. Ellen Girardeau Kempler

    Thanks for your posts–they really stand out in my overflowing email box, and I always make a point of opening them. I’m always finding great images on your site, and appreciate your giving credit to the original source. When I do research for Gold Boat Journeys and the “faceboat” I always search images first. Happy Sails! Ellen


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