1910s: Lips That Touch Liquor Must Never Touch Mine

“Lips That Touch Liquor Must Never Touch Mine” was the slogan of the Anti-Saloon League of the US temperance movement

- Wikipedia

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  1. Jan

    Looking like that I don’t think they stopped anyone from drinking. In fact they might actually have driven some to start drinking…

  2. eydie

    okay, poor example. those women don’t fit our current idea of attractive. but back then, marriage wasn’t as much about love as it was to have a partner. someone who could help you with what was often a very hard life. standards of attractiveness were different. but it would help if they could at least smile or look a little pleasant.

  3. Aristocrat

    I’ve always wondered if this photo was made by anti-18th Amendmenters to mock Prohibitionists or if these “temperance” ladies really were a gang of bitter old hags.

  4. Dave

    Expressions are a bit forced. Not exactly the most attractive countenances I have ever seen! OK, let’s not beat about the bush – some are just plain ugly!

  5. Homa Sapiens

    The top photo is circa 1966 to 1969. College boys wearing the quasi-Americana fashions that were popular at the time.

  6. Miss Romwell

    Sorry folks, you’ve been trolled, Victorian-style. The original of this photo is owned by the National Park Service archive, and is the work of Thomas Edison’s Black Maria studios. It is listed there as ‘Caption, Movie Still ”Lips That Touch Liquor Shall Not Touch Ours”. The information is not difficult to find, many companies that make reproductions of it for things like greetings cards give you all the details.
    Once you know it’s a film still, it’s intent as a parody becomes obvious, especially once you notice that three of the people shown in it are actually men in ill-fitting costumes and bad wigs.

  7. Kevin Miller

    It always amazes me that people don’t realize those are men in the first picture. I can’t wait until y’all stumble unwittingly into a drag club.


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