1895-1940s: Dr Mile’s Nervine

‘The Dr. Miles Medical Company was founded in Indiana, in 1884 by Franklin Miles, a specialist in the treatment of eye and ear disorders, with an interest in the connection of the nervous system to overall health. By 1890, the sales success of his patent medicine tonic, Dr. Miles’ Nervine, in treating “nervous” ailments (including “nervousness or nervous exhaustion,sleeplessness, hysteria, headache, neuralgia, backache, pain, epilepsy, spasms, fits, and St. Vitus’ dance”) led him to develop a mail order medicine business. Nervine remained on the market as a “calmative” until the late 1960s.”

- Wikipedia

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  1. Martyn V. Halm

    Yes, let’s all take some bromide and calm down, before we blow our top over a broken vase. After all, bromide is sure to be one of the safest methods of easing our nerves. Thousands of epileptics swear by it…

  2. dej

    Dr. Miles founded Miles Laboratories, makers of Alka-Seltzer, Flintstones Vitamins, One-A-Day Vitamins ,Bactine and Cutter insect repentant.

    Now M.L. no longer exists, because it was swallowed up by Bayer AG.

    • eydie

      the only active ingredient in miles nervine was bromide. people tended to overuse it and end up with bromide poisoning.


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