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All images by Clive Boursnell

© 2008 Market Photos Limited

Thank you to Laurence Aston

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  1. Avatar of WotWot

    Early 1970s? I am impressed by the candid shots especially – shot from the waist with a twin lens reflex camera, I guess? (I had a TLR years ago and appreciated that ability to be sneaky – hard to imagine, these days, that that used to be an issue! – plus nice big negs for detail. Can you still get 120 film? *sigh*)

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    • Red Cardinal

      I wondered this. There are bottles of milk on the table and what looks like milky coffee, but in glasses – surely not?

      • Matt

        Purely a guess. I notice a white (milk), clear (vodka?), and black (coffee liqueur?) liquid. A white russian perhaps? A sort of mix your own cocktail using whatever glassware was on hand. It was during this period that is was invented and popularized (at least in America).

        My frame of reference for agreeing with your thought of alcohol is New York’s Fulton Fish Market. 11AM, at the very latest, the mongers are guzzling beer after a very long and cold work night/morning. Great characters.

  2. Clive

    I used to visit around this time with my father when I was a kid and he was buying and selling fruit and veg. In the ’80s, I ended up working at an ad agency in Catherine Street in a very different Covent Garden. Used to drink in the Nags Head, among others, which looked much like the pub in the photos.

    WotWot. I agree, these are impressive candid shots, although this was, in many ways, the beginning of the golden age of street photography. The diffuser that the photographer uses on some shots makes me wonder about this being a TLR. Certainly a medium-format camera of some sort. As for 120 film, it is very much alive and kicking, as is enthusiasm for TLRs.

  3. Bev

    So, when did Covent Garden go from, what looks like a local market, to the tourist trap it is today?! Or for that matter…when did London go from being a city, to the whatever you can call it today?! I really like London, but, it just doesn’t even seem like part of the UK. I’m from California, been living in various Northern UK cities over the last 12 years, and London seems like a mix of the US and most the rest of the world. It seems like it has grown into some weird being, boosting and housing the rich and quite well-off… all the while, poorer people from everywhere, but the UK, make everything tick. It’s a beautiful place and an amazing place…but it’s odd to me when comparing it to the rest of the country! But the materialism of London, does make me feel like I’m back in the US whenever I’m there.


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