1945: Colour Images of Joseph Stalin

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  1. Neo

    Killed tens of millions of his own people during peacetime. One of the most blood-thirsty atheist leaders of all world history.

  2. freedom always

    Communism implies totalitarianism, and even with that, it still won’t work!

    …And to think that even today there are people with Che Guevara t-shirts and who are part of Communist parties. For shame!

  3. Manuel

    I’ll name all that I can indentify. If anyone knows who are the other please comment. In order of appearance:
    1,2,3) Stalin; 4) Kruschev, Beria, Malenkov, Stalin, Kalinin; 5) Voroshilov, Buddienny, ?; 6) ?, Vishinsky; 7) ?, Zhukov; 8) ?, Kaganovich; 9) Beria, Malenkov; 10) Molotov, Mikoyan; 11) Voroshilov, Buddienny, ?; 12) Kruschev, Mikoyan, Zhukov; 13) Stalin; 14) Zhukov; 15) Kaganovich, Kalinin; 16) Malenkov, Beria, Molotov, Stalin; 17) Molotov, Stalin, Kalinin, Kaganovich.


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