1973: Building the World Unicorn

Tyne and Wear Museums and Galleries

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  1. Matt

    You guys have posted some lovely content from the North East of England, it makes me proud to be from up there. Keep up the good work!

  2. mcravener

    World Unicorn, built by the shipbuilders Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson Ltd, at the Wallsend shipyard, Tyneside in 1973.

  3. Grant

    Ahh nostalgia, oh memories, shame they won’t feed your starving Geordie kids…

  4. al

    I love the name – megalomaniciacle, yet fanciful. Like “armageddon butterfly”

  5. Michael

    @Rick Great little film you posted. Real industry with real jobs. Something I’d like to see more of in this world.


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