All images by Geoff Marchant

(c) Geoff Marchant / Camera Press

Thank you to Geoff Marchant and Natasha Beedle

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  1. Rads

    So she used to smile & have a figure then – she’s such an unhappy stick of a woman now…

  2. Kim

    Wow, she looks like a real person instead of a skeleton with fake boobs and orange skin…

  3. Olik

    By today’s standards, she would be considered plus-size model when you looking at these pictures.

  4. Gleeba

    She does indeed look much better in these photos than she does now. She must have found a very good photographer that could make her smile though. Before she was in the Spice Girls, I used to see her regularly either in Tesco or at the stables where she owned a horse and I don’t think I ever saw her smile. Even then she thought she was better than everyone else even though she’s an Essex girl (born in Princess Alexandria Hospital, Harlow, Essex)


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