1912: Titanic Ads

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  1. helcio

    nice adds

    ticket price for first class: $1.500 to $4.350
    (in today´s money 26.741 to 77.549)

  2. Kim

    In one of hte photos, from NY to Europe 3rd/ class was $36.00-$45.00. A lot of $ back then.

  3. Aristocrat

    Look on the bright side. At least none of the Titanic passengers had be be manhandled by TSA goons before (and after) boarding.

  4. Avatar of tom_thacker

    What an exchange rate – third class fare was L7.9s from Plymouth to New York on 4/10/12; $36.25 to sail from New York to Plymouth on 4/20/12. Our dollar was only about a fifth of a pound back then.

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