1922: The Dunkley Pramotor

Sources: 1. Memory of the Netherlands, 2. Ebikeriders

Source: See over

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  1. GZO

    Is the second image the first bad Photoshop job? The Pramotor–and the people’s feet–looks drawn while the top halves of the humans look photographed! Am I right?

  2. John

    @GZO- It looks authentic to me.

    What you’re likely seeing is a photograph re-printed in a magazine or newspaper and then scanned into the computer. So many opportunities for degradation.

  3. LadyK


    Before Photoshop, pictures for newspaper or magazine reproduction were sometimes touched up to make the subject matter more clear. The touching up would be done with paint on a print of the photo, and then a photo of the photo would be taken!


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