1853: Johannes Brahms


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  1. Kitty Kelso

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    This, RETRONAUTS, is the coolest site on the Internet for information that my mind says stay, stay, stay. There is so much information about a past that we all stand on, benefit from, and we must wonder about – as it is what brought us to this moment. Check Alexander Graham Bell’s kite! Entrepreneurs are always thinking. Many others create history within groups note-worthy as people who made changes in the world. Thank you for gathering such a Home based feed for my mind’s enjoyment. Kitty

  2. Carlos

    I totally agree best website around….with all the technology around to date nothing compares to how large a scale the things were in the past.

  3. Sruti Ramesh

    I remember having a piano book when I was young with the music of Liszt inside and this same picture was on the cover. I’m wondering if there’s been some mistake…is this the young Liszt or the young Brahms??


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