Dress 3

Dress 0

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  1. Michael

    Dress? I think not. Experimentation in clothing style for men and women was big then as it is now. Bowie was no exception. I’ll accept most anything, but I draw the line at Walmartians and “pants-on-the-ground” bullshit…..

  2. Roofy

    Enjoy his work on film and photography always interesting perspecttives – this a gender uno momento

  3. Michael Fierstos

    I was a young gay boy (13/14) in Indiana, USA when I heard a song from this LP on a NYC radio station (could only get in the middle of the night when it was raining). I ordered the LP and loved every song, still do. Have been a huge fan from the first song….

  4. Jen

    I was expecting drag. This is not drag. This is not even “feminine”, really – it is true androgyny, or perhaps closer to genderlessness. Bowie doesn’t look camp or grotesque or silly. He looks awesome.


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