1940s: Before and after corsets



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  1. eydie

    yipes, i have no interest in breathing or fainting from lack of air because i have compressed my internal organs into an unhealthy package. how come guys don’t wear this crap?

  2. Ollie

    Wow. Pretty much the hottest pics I’ve ever seen on the Internet. Truth in advertising I say.

  3. al

    The corset girls are all smiling. The non corset girls are not. Ergo: Corsets make you happy.

  4. Jo

    I wear these as part of my 1940s look every day.
    They fit perfectly, make dresses look superb and are a lot healthier then crazy crash diets.
    These do not compress your organs, nor do they have any impact on your breathing.
    These are 1930s-1940s girdles, not Victorian corsets.

  5. Aloyicious

    @Eydie – some guys do wear stuff like that – like William Shatner during the last 2 seasons of Star Trek .

    I notice in a lot of the before/after pictures that not only did the woman’s belly stick out, but so did her behind. Methinks they were perhaps cheating the gut out a bit…

  6. snukb

    A lot of these have such a large difference because of the change in posture… notice the girls slouching and jutting out their tummies in the “before” and standing with perfect posture in the “after” :)

  7. KellyReilly

    Wearing corsets women getting hotter that’s why they always smiling. That’s because they know they are the attractive person there.


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