1970s: “Will They Survive the 70s?”

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  1. EBL

    Wow. That magazine cover saw what was coming. It is interesting who did survive and who did not.

  2. pajh

    With my incredible futuroscopic vision I can answer these hitherto-rhetorical questions thus:

    Yes, yes, no, yes (conspiracy theorists: no), who?
    Yes, no, just barely, no, yes
    Yes, yes, yes, yes, no (conspiracy theorists: yes)
    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

    The bottom row is the safest place to be. Unless you’re a conspiracy theorist.

  3. james

    Been a long time since Grace Slick has gotten any space on a magazine cover.

  4. EricW

    Their math was a little off with Johnny Cash, unless he was “approaching 30″ by the back door.

  5. Cranios

    Well ten years is a long time, and these are people who to say the least, didn’t take good care of themselves? So it isn’t too surprising that several didn’t make it ten years.

  6. Patrick

    Johnny Cash and Elvis were both well over 30, but yet the cover said “approaching 30″ what gives with that?

  7. Rick

    Wow, nice find. David Crosby says that he doesn’t remember the 70′s because he was high the whole time. It’s 2012 and he’s still around.

  8. gladeye

    I worked at a collectibles store that had that issue. I was too ethical to steal it. Cursed morals!

  9. Tacoamerica

    This art was obviously created on a computer. It is not a scan. The type and color is crisp, except for the bogus “DOORS NEW LP!” banner which was p-shopped in. Look at the green lines between the photos. Fake.

    • oshesa1

      sorry but you’re wrong.. i have this magazine…saved it and hundreds of others from back then. though quite a few pictured here didn’t survive in the literal sense…at least the musicians pictured here had their music survive for decades to come afterwards. could hardly say that for many today…

    • Red Cardinal

      Why wouldn’t it have crisp colour and type? Good printing quality didn’t start in the last 10 years you know.

  10. HardcorePrawn

    Grace Slick may have survived the 70s… but her credibility didn’t survive the 80s.

  11. RCIAG

    Well, correct me if I’m wrong, all but Morrison, Joplin, Hendrix & Elvis made it through the 70s.

    Lennon didn’t make it outta the 80s, Harrison died in 2001, but other than that, the rest are all still kickin’.

  12. Joe

    Morrison, Joplin, Hendrix & Elvis did NOT survive the 70′s – to have survived the 70′s, one would have to make it to New Year’s of 1980.

    • Drew Cain

      Joe, that’s exactly what RCIAG said. He clearly stated “all BUT Morrison, Joplin, Hendrix and Elvis”.


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