c. 1963: The Original Ronald McDonald

“Willard Scott performed regularly as Ronald McDonald from 1963–1966 and occasionally as late as 1971, for a McDonald’s franchise in Washington, D.C.. Scott wrote in his book, The Joy of Living, that he originally created the Ronald McDonald character at the fast-food restaurant chain’s request. In Morgan Spurlock’s documentary film Super Size Me, Eric Schlosser claims that McDonald’s replaced Scott on account of his weight, supposedly concerned about McDonald’s image.

- Wikipedia

10 Responses

  1. Paul Naylor

    You can see why a lot of people don’t like clowns, he is a bit freaky

  2. Ginger

    I don’t remember him as Ronald McDonald, but Willard Scott was the local weatherman of my childhood. I’m glad he didn’t wear the paper cup nose for that.

  3. Greg

    God–Willard Scott is – and evidently always has been – a worthless shill!

  4. Red Cardinal

    Ronald Mcdonald was a creepy clown character then and he’s a creepy clown character now.

    PS His products are tasteless crap too! :)

  5. LREKing

    Willard Scotts gotta eat.

    But his nose is a cup. I mean, he has a cup for a nose…

  6. Bicycle Bill

    Say what you want about the current version of Ronald, it’s a definite improvement over this.



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