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  1. thebiggfrogg

    The problem: “Dammit Jim, I’m doctor not a ditch digging nurse,” quoth McCoy.

  2. Huntan Peck

    What’s wrong is that this scene was never in an episode of Star Trek. I hope someone corrects that oversight and includes it in the upcoming movie.

  3. Aristocrat

    Sulu’s looking Brokeback Mountain fabuloussss!

    Even in 1979, the hints were there.

  4. Fred

    I will bet the mortgage payment that Sulu is wearing assless chaps under that console.

  5. Bicycle Bill

    They’re all wearing red (okay, pink) shirts and know that they are doomed to meet their fate on an “away” team.


  6. ZeusKitty

    Yumpin Yimminny!!! Chekov must be under the control console exploring Sulu’s Wessel… :O :O :O :-P :-P :O :O :-P :-P :-P 8-)


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